Kinect Fusion open sourced!!

I was impressed when I saw the results presented in SIGGRAPH'11 about Kinect Fusion by a group of people from Microsoft Research. They manage to get a fantastic real-time scene scene registering using a software they named Kinect Fusion. A couple of papers were published explaining the system architecture and some videos shown the great performance they were obtaining.

Today I have learned that an open source version is being built around the Point Cloud Library and the sample video looks equally promising. But development is only going to be supported on the upcoming 2.0 version of the library.

I am going go give it a try as soon as I manage to compile the whole thing.


Ouch: After fighting with CUDA install (driver, tools, sdk) plus VTK library that was not installed plus some more fiddling with cmake and ccmake I manged to compile the current version of PCL2.0 but to no avail, as kingfu_app is not happy with my oldish video card (GF8400GS) and I get this lovely message instead of any relevant output "Kinfu is not supported for pre-Fermi GPU architectures, and not built for them by default. Exiting..."


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