Testing Kinfu (or not)

Once I realized all the work done for compiling PCL 2.0 was useless with my current graphics card I mentioned to a colleague the problem who was kind enough to lend me a Nvidia FX 5800 CUDA-enabled graphics card with 4 GB of RAM. I thought it was beyond the requirements of Kinfu so I did not bother checking it out before doing the installation.

First problem was that this card hardly fit inside my computer. Later I found out my power supply just lacked the proper connectors to power that graphics card. I asked for help and I have got a 1000W PC power supply. This one has all the connectors needed but I am not fitting it inside my computer box.

Once I was convinced of the right way of connecting the 8 pin PCI-express additional power socket, which was all but obvious to me, I fired up the system and it came up nicely. But, once again, I was defeated by the hardware: It turns out this board is not a good match for running Kinfu either. Though it has 250 cores, it lacks the computing skills needed for the job.

It was then when I realized I should have read first: This message talks about hardware requirements and this other page mentions the capabilities of different Nvidia card. Hopefully tomorrow a friend will lend me his GTX 470 that is 2.0 compliant and it should be good to go.


hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

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