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The credit card trick

I have just finished a ShapeOko but because I did some mods: I've got some leftovers: some MXL belting and two 5mm MXL pulleys. What best thing to do than to start a project so they get some use. So I planned on building a new Prusa i3 3D printer. Not that I need yet another printer but a new model to try it out.

I built a Printrbot earlier this year to get a smaller model than the Prusa for home use. At the time the printer dimensions were not very clear and much guess work was done on my side. Besides, I used a direct drive that worked but I was never happy with.

This time I am, again, doing some guess work for Prusa i3, like figuring out that z-axis rods are M5 threaded rods or taking the overall dimensions out of the DXF of the aluminium frame off the Prusa i3 github, while learning that some changes have been done and are not yet into the master branch.

As I was planning on using MXL belts instead of what apparently it is used in Prusa i3, which my guess work suggest is HTD 3M …