A tablet that does it

I have blogged in the past on how to use iPad for viewing electronic magazines and how it failed to me with some PDF files. I have recently got a Samsung's Note 10.1 tablet and I can certainly call it a success in terms of both PDF browsing and ebook reading. Everyone I have shown how to scribble on a PDF article was amazed. Yes, this unit comes with a stylus and it is a pressure sensitive one.

Adobe reader works nicely and it does not crash. My benchmark is Circuit Cellar PDF that use to crash on the iPad (I do have an iPad1).

This together with Cool Reader free app make the unit a very useful book reading plataform as it supports the common formats FB2, EPUB and MOBI plus CHM as a nice addition.

The picture shows a screen capture at the original size, which is easy to read without zooming in.


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