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There is always a catch

After building several RepRap 3D printers and getting involved in several user forums about the matter I realized I was helping out other people building the same stuff I did a while ago and having a good time too. One of the good things about Open Source Hardware is that designers encourage people to build their designs whether they buy anything from them or not.

I am helping out the people who try to make FabLab Valencia a success and a workshop for building 3d printers seemed like a good fit. I have never done an activity like this before and the logistics seemed like a nightmare that rather was other people's problem. So the plan was: I do the teaching at the workshop and we use some ready made kit for building Prusa i3 models.

Just to be sure [I do not want to disappoint dudes that are shelling out almost $1,000] I decided to do a test run with one unit of the kit we have selected from a local manufacturer. That business was so brand new that ours was one of the first invoice…