What worked and what didn't.

I know I have been not posting anything for a long time but the workshop preparation first and the fact that we scheduled a second edition just finishing the first one prevented me to do much besides that and my daily work.

Certain things did not work quite right in the 3D printing workshop, like having to solder motor wires. Most people are not familiar with soldering and a soldering iron is a risk too. I ended up doing half of the soldering as another workshop attendant helped me out.

On top of that, three printers have trouble with RAMPS cards, two of them with a non working motor and a third one with hotend thermistor input. Luckily all these failures were tracked down to soldering shorts that were easy to fix once diagnosed. Even better was the fact that nothing broke in the process.

However, I failed miserably to stick to my own schedule and the software part of the workshop was much smaller that I have planned and wanted to cover. I felt a bit like a firefighter trying to help people out but with a big fire going on. And the fire thing was more than a metaphor as the air conditioning of the building did not work and the weekend was very hot.

Another unexpected problem was that two heat cartridges from two Prusa nozzles did not work. I did have a spare nozzle so I could fix one of them. The other was fixed on Monday following some weird advice from Josef Prusa that did the trick of bringing the heat cartridge back from the dead.

All in all, seven printers out of eight left the workshop fully operational and the last one was fixed next day. The experience was good but exhausting and I am applying some of the lessons learned for the next one, scheduled in a week. This time our frames are going to be blue instead of black.


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