My printer port is gone!

After the last change of computer I was asked for help to installed the bootloader on an ATMega 1284P processor for controlling a 3D printer. I have been using for years the Arduino Parallel Port Programmer with great success (it worked every time if I remembered to power the board through USB at the same time).

But it turns out my new desktop computer does no longer has a parallel port. Not a big deal as all my printing happens through the network, but it was a no go for any type of other fancy uses of the parallel port (no, I do not have a CNC machine controlled with EMC2, though I have EMC2 software installed in my computer).

So I finally gave in and ordered a USBASP programmer that was less than 5€ off eBay and fixes the need for a tool for uploading bootloaders to new boards. It comes with a 10 to 6pin adapter too, which was needed for Arduino boards ISP connection.

You can use it from the command line with avrdude program or from Arduino environment selecting USBASP as the type of programmer. It is not very fast but it gets the work done. Highly recommended.


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