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First replication

With some friends we created a project a while ago for developing hardware and software for CNC
milling of large 3D sculptures. While one of the ideas was to market the hardware we developed, it does not seem to be a feasible thing to do unless you want to invest a fair amount of cash to get some paperwork done. Not being a fan of paperwork myself and not seeing a clear path to profitability, we have put on hold the idea of marketing such systems.

Another way of broadcasting our developments was to make it open source and help people to replicate our system. The problem is that while some people may want to have a cheap CNC machine, many of them are not in the mood of building it themselves.

But now we have been working with a company in Rome that is willing to do the extra mile and I am flying over to help them get it working. While we suggested one frame, they have gone more conservative and partially build their hardware around MechMate design, but plan on using our Arduino-based …