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Wifi DC motor controller?

A few days ago I was talked on G+ by my friend Mauro Manco with an idea that was a bit weird at first: we all have heard about ESP8266 SoC that can bring Wifi happiness to out Arduino projects for a few dollars.

What Mauro suggested is that this same unit might handle the servo code I have written for an Arduino. That was in part possible by the release of an SDK that allow us to program it the same way as a regular Arduino, so code-wise, programs are compatible. In a few attempts Mauro managed to get my code to compile happily for the ESP.  But he wanted me to try it out so he was as kind as sending me a NodeMCU board to my home so I could give it a try.

It just arrived at noon and I could not resist to give it a try, as usual not without some minor problems. The first one was that the NodeMCU did not show up as a serial port in my Macbook. I tried installing the CH340 driver to no avail. After using a magnifying lenses I realised that the USB to serial adapter on my board it was rea…