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Enterprise WPA and ESP32

I recently gave Adafruit's IO service a try. You can get a few data sensor feeds recorded and graphed on the web. They have a somehow limited version for free and a more complete offering for paying customers.

A current project required to record a few sensor samples per minute and Adafruit's free service seemed to fit the bill. I was using ESP32 with BME280 sensor to gather humidity, temperature, and atmospheric pressure and to store it somewhere in the cloud.

I was testing this on campus, where we have a corporate wifi network that uses a Radius server for PEAP authentication. I assumed ESP32 could only use WPA with a pre-shared key but I was wrong. I googled around and found that some people were using it with Eduroam. Eduroam is a European-wide Academic wifi network and it is present in our campus too, so what harm was in trying?

I found this code that might work so I tried it out, and it did work at the first try! Brilliant!

But there were a couple of details that did not…