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Android app for block assembly

Collaboration with a local company paved the way to the development of an Android app to represent 3D models that are built by joining a set of 3D blocks. Each block is made of a set of layers of parts machined by a 3-axis CNC machine out of foam sheets.  The manufacturing process is more or less outlined in this video:

The problem here was for work workers to have an easy way to know the assembly of the parts without the need of having a computer screen. Given each one of them happens to have a smartphone that seemed the obvious choice. And that is the result (portrait video warning):

As you can see in the video each block has a red number hovering it. And the low polygon count of the 3D mesh is just to ease on the amount of data transmitted and not a limitation of the program itself.

I wanted to make this tool useful for other users, so the file format is a regular ZIP file with .mim extension that contains three different elements: one binary STL file for each block, first one name…