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The art of compiling Meshlab and getting it running

I have been using Meshlab for quite a while as a powerful tool for automating 3D mesh calculations. Newer versions were not always more reliable than older ones, but mine was mostly a command-line usage more than interactive sessions so I got by.

The latest stable release is still 2016.12 and it gets my work done (though some changes were made to the command-line switches that broke some of my scripts). I have been using it on 14.04, 16.04 Ubuntu systems and lately, I wanted to use it on the 18.04 Ubuntu. But for that version, I could not find a pre-compiled binary and the versiĆ³n included with the distribution was Meshlab 1.3.3 that, you guessed it, uses a different set of command-line switches so it was not an option.

Still, there was the choice to install a binary using the snap package system, which comes included in Ubuntu 18.04 and got me a working interactive Meshlab. But the meshlabserver command was nowhere to be found. It seems someone thought it best to rename it to meshlab…