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Testing SKR 1.3 board with Marlin 2.0.x

Not that I really need it but given the price I had to buy one of these units just to get a feel of it. At less than $20 it was a steal. And most of what I have seen from the board is to be liked. But, as usual, it took me a large amount of time to get everything working, as a few hurdles prevented me to succeed on the first try.

Luckily, there is a huge Marlin community and getting the software up and running was easy-peasy, once you have Atom/PlaftormIO installed (which I did). So the basic configuration is well covered on the net. The board can be powered either from the DC input (12/24V) or from the USB (jumper-selectable). 
But ... expect trouble if you are powering it from USB and attempt to configure TMC2208 UART mode. It will not work until you power the board with DC too. And it will only work if you have properly configured your firmware and set the right driver solder blob so UART is connected to pin number 4 of the driver carrier board and you have set the proper solder bl…