Code Jam 2009

I've just passed the qualification round of Code Jam with the feeling that I'm getting dumber every year. I only passed the first problem (Alien) and I've got stuck on the second problem (Water Basins). Third one (Welcome string) looked like the Speed Limit problem on 2008, but I did not attempt to do it.

A plausible excuse is that I did not have the time ... Yes, I like that: I was busy working so I did not have time to waste playing this Code Jam thing.

BTW, It was me the guy who asked about the error message on the Q&A. The error message said my solution file did not start with the string "Case #1:" but that was not true. The correct error message should have been that my solution file did not start with the string "Case #1: ". The difference being the space after the colon.

Update: Here you have the three problems solved in Java.


vierito5 said…
Seems a pretty hard contest, good luck!
Miguel Sánchez said…
Not as bad as it might look, however you have to be good and fast.

I like coding. I like puzzles. But there is a ton of faster & smarter people out there :-(

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