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Friday, September 24, 2010

Any magic on the new Apple touchpad?

I liked the idea of a new tracking device. I guess some time using the iPad gave me the wrong idea on what it could feel like to have a similar interface as a mouse replacement.

The same day I received an email from Apple stating the new Magic Trackpad was available I rang a local shop to see if they have it. I was told that because it was announced today they did not have it. That I should wait a few weeks before they would have it. Weird.

Anyway, after the summer holidays I wanted to switch one of our iMacs to wireless keyboard and mouse so after being turned down in one Apple shop (a different one), where again I was told I will still have to wait an unknown amount of time (not very helpful direction). Hopefully, I stopped by a third shop where I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and a Magic Trackpad.

Trackpad is ok but not magic. For the same money I would suggest anyone to go for a Magic Mouse. It is not that the trackpad does not work, but I've found much more convenient to use the mouse.


  • At 12:23 pm, Blogger Hiroshi Ikeda said…

    Simple but great review. I was tempted to buy a Magic Trackpad but the expense and the usefulness question worked against Apple this time. I think I'll try in a shop (without stock don't expect to have benefits) first.


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