Amazon: Yes, yes, yes!

When one of my kids told me his Kindle had stopped working I thought it was his fault. On closer inspection I could not see any damage to the screen. None of the suggestions of the troubleshooting guide worked so things did not look good.

After some reading on Amazon forums it was clear I was not alone and other customers had experience a similar problem that required a replacement of their unit.

I was very happy to learn my unit was less than a year old, so I contacted customer service to see what to do next. I had bought the unit while being in the states but I was now living in Europe, so I was uncertain about my choices.

Once I explained the problem I was having with the unit, to a very nice representative named Stacey, I was told unit had to be replaced. I was told a replacement unit has been sent to my address in Europe and paid with a gift voucher. I was told that using that same box I should return the defective unit once I've got the replacement.

I was even provided with a prepaid return label ready to be printed and attached to the return box. I received the replacement in two days time. I pack the defective unit and I dopped it on the nearest Mailboxes etc. It all seemed solved: wrong! I've got a call from Mailboxes asking me for some return pages I had to print from Amazon website.

A few days later I've got another email from Amazon stating they received the defective unit.

I rather prefer my device not to stop working but I am extremely pleased on the way Amazon has handled this situation. I use to complain when companies do not do the right thing, but I think it is cool when the opposite happens too.


helenatxu said…
I hope my Nook will not stop working after I come back from USA. I'm not sure if Barnes & Noble would send me anything to Europe...
Juliusz Gonera said…
I had a good experience when returning items to Amazon too. I'm very picky when it comes to computer monitors. I bought one from Amazon but wasn't happy with the image quality. They sent me two replacements without any additional charges and I had one month to decide which two screens of the three I got I wanted to return.

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